I don’t care what anyone says, this is the greatest moment in British film history.

Never apologize to me for the way your heart beats, and your mind thinks, and your hands take action. 
That’s who you are. 
And yes, those battles can be bloody. And yes, you can wind up with too many bruises to count. 
But I promise you, I will press my lips to each and every one of those battle scars until you forget the difference between giving and receiving.
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watering plants is so stressful like you can’t ask them if they need more or less? like is this enough for you, oh is this too much or do you need more water to grow, are you thirsty, shit are you drowning can you answer me   P LE ASE

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anti-choice protesters outside of abortion clinics are terrorists

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how do people make like hundreds of friends I can’t even make a grilled cheese with out burning it


tbh the only reason i know how to read a clock is so i can figure out when we get out of class

*middle fingers the teacher but uses my other hand to cover it*

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One hears it a lot on airplanes: “Make sure you have your own mask on, before helping others with theirs.”
Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket), upon being asked "What’s your very best life advice?"  (via n-xi)

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most private thing im willing to admit: im not good at estimating how much pasta is enough for one person